Atsuko Tamaki

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The psychometric properties of the Japanese Test of Self-Conscious Affect-3 (TOSCA-3), a self-report measure of self-conscious emotions, were examined in Japanese university students. Confirmatory factor analyses showed good fits of the theory-driven model for 6 emotions to the data. The subscales of the TOSCA-3 showed moderate correlations and internal(More)
Patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) may develop pulmonary dysfunction, but the pathogenesis remains unclear. We investigated a correlation between thoracoabdominal movements and pulmonary function in seven patients with PD and 14 healthy controls. We measured vital capacity (VC) and forced vital capacity (FVC) using an autospirometer, and measured chest(More)
By means of a monoclonal antibody (mAbG3A5) against Golgi membrane glycoprotein, we have visualized the relative position of cytoplasmic polymerized microtubule bundles to Golgi stack cisternae in taxol treated HeLa cells, and found extensive fragmentation of the Golgi stack cisternae brought about by microtubule bundles. Within a 1 h period of taxol(More)
  • G F H F Yao, R Shao, A Takaue, Tamaki, F H Yao, G F Shao +3 others
  • 2011
This work relates the development of an automatic concrete-tunnel inspection system by an autonomous mobile robot. It was motivated by the accidents happened recently, that were caused by the fallen parts of the inner-wall of the concrete-tunnels. This brought about the serious damage of the national property, and led to the great worries of the whole(More)
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