Atsuko Tamaki

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The psychometric properties of the Japanese Test of Self-Conscious Affect-3 (TOSCA-3), a self-report measure of self-conscious emotions, were examined in Japanese university students. Confirmatory factor analyses showed good fits of the theory-driven model for 6 emotions to the data. The subscales of the TOSCA-3 showed moderate correlations and internal(More)
Post-partum depression affects 10-13% of Japanese women, but many do not receive appropriate treatment or support. This intervention study evaluated the effectiveness of home visits by mental health nurses for Japanese women with post-partum depression. Eighteen post-partum women met the inclusion criteria and were randomly allocated into the intervention(More)
Rat liver microsomal glutathione S-transferase (MGST1) is known to be activated by trypsin, however, it has not been clarified whether MGST1 is activated by a protease present in liver. In the present study we purified the MGST1 activating protease from liver microsomes and finally identified that the protease is hepsin, a type II transmembrane serine(More)
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