Atsuko Takeda

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Recently, dendritic cells (DCs) and DC-tumor cell hybrids (DC-tumor hybrids) have been used for cancer vaccine therapy in a clinical trial. DC-tumor hybrids combine the potent antigen-presenting capacity of DCs with the ability to present all tumor antigens expressed on tumor cells to T cells. We used DC-tumor hybrids as stimulator cells to induce(More)
We investigated the vitamin A status and beta-carotene 15,15'-dioxygenase activity in hairless mice with UV exposure to assess the regulation of vitamin A metabolism after UV irradiation. HR-1 hairless mice were irradiated with UV at 3 J/cm2 for 5 d. After UV irradiation, the mice were sacrificed and samples were obtained to analyze the retinoid(More)
In tumor immunotherapy, there were several reports of attempts to induce anti-tumor immunity by fusion hybrid cells generated with dendritic and tumor cells. One of them reported that vaccination of hybrid cells resulted in a remarkable reduction of tumor cells in a lab mouse experiment. In our study, fusion cells were generated successfully with human(More)
BACKGROUND Homeostatic mechanisms keep plasma mineral concentrations largely unchangeable, and are not always reflective of the nutritional status. For that reason, nutritional assessment is difficult and another biological index may be of value. Recently, improvement of measuring instruments has permitted more accurate measurement of trace and ultra trace(More)
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