Atsuko Mutoh

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In this paper, on a simulation model of fish schooling considering predator’s existence, we attempt an analysis of the form of school in which prey fish evades predator. We consider an evolutionary model of the fish behavior, and discuss the mechanism of schooling behavior when the school encounters with a predator. This paper then shows our computer(More)
This paper considers the problem of generating various calligraphy from some sample fonts. Our method is based on the deformable contour model g-snake. By representing the outline of each stroke of a character with a g-snake, we cast the generation problem into global and local deformation of g-snake under different control parameters, where the local(More)
In this paper, we consider an artificial life, model of the fish behavior, and discuss the mechanism of fish school behavior by making it acquire the school behavior by evolutionary computation. An artificial ecology where fishes and a predator coexist is considered and we enhance one of the models for fish schooling with the ability to sense a predator’s(More)
In this paper, we propose a new behavioral model based on the concept of "meme" and "qualia" for multi-agent system. We, then, implement the model, and perform multi-agent simulations of cultural transmission. In the simulations, we construct an artificial society, where agents behave for food objects collectively. An agent transmits meme, the object to eat(More)
In this paper, we propose a model of biological differentiation based on physical features and behavioral strategies in order to probe the mysteries of biological differentiation. We, then, implement the model, and perform the Alife simulations of birds’ evolution in an artificial ecology. The ecology consists of two islands, and the atmospheric temperature(More)
This paper investigates the effect of group work with the assumption of three motivators to make friends. Obeying the assumption we proposed twelve variation of methods for grouping students. The effects are evaluated by some measures from social network analysis and by the changes of real friendship networks, which are observed by a friendship prediction(More)