Atsuko Kanekiyo

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Two Gram-positive, rod-shaped, moderately halophilic bacteria were isolated from a deep-sea carbonate rock at a methane cold seep in Kuroshima Knoll, Japan. These bacteria, strains IS-Hb4(T) and IS-Hb7(T), were spore-forming and non-motile. They were able to grow at temperatures as low as 9 degrees C and hydrostatic pressures up to 30 MPa. Based on high(More)
Aquatic mosses in the genera Bryum and Leptobryum form unique tower-like “moss pillars” underwater in some Antarctic lakes, in association with algae and cyanobacteria. These are communities with a two-layer structure comprising an oxidative exterior and reductive interior. Although habitats and photosynthetic properties of moss pillars have been reported,(More)
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