Atsuko Ikegami

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Home help organizations provide services at respective users’ homes at a time that is convenient for the user. Helpers with time window constraints for their working hours must be assigned to these services to ensure that the services are provided.Producing adequate schedules usually takes the schedulers a considerable amount of time due to many types of(More)
In our previous work, we proposed a load distribution technique and dynamic data reallocation method for web-based MORPG system. This approach could reduce the average server latency for game players. However, each latency widely varied, which leads unfair situation for game players. In this paper, we deal with data allocation with taking into account the(More)
Scheduling nurses to staff shifts is a major problem in hospitals. The necessity of maintaining a certain level of service and skill in the makeup of every shift, while balancing the workload among the nurses involved, is incredibly difficult. It is often impossible to develop a schedule which satisfies all the requirements despite the time and resources(More)
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