Atsuko Fujimoto

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We describe a male patient (patient DGAP113) with a balanced translocation, 46,XY,t(1;3)(q31.3;q13.13), severe bilateral congenital cataracts, CNS abnormalities and mild developmental delay. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and suppression PCR demonstrated that the chromosome 3 breakpoint lies ~515 kb upstream of the PVRL3 gene, while the(More)
BACKGROUND Dryness of the oral cavity is considered one cause of oral malodor. However, it is unclear which of the factors regulating the wetness of the oral cavity are involved in oral malodor development. This study investigated the effects of salivary flow and oral mucosal moisture on oral malodor. METHODS The study population comprised 119 patients(More)
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