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Devastating magnitudes of flood disasters have been occurring in various areas of Japan, and their impact has been increasing in recent years. Looking ahead, it is foreseen that rainfall and its patterns will be altered due to the climate change accompanied by global warming, and there is concern that the intensity and frequency of flood disasters might be(More)
Human bcl-2 and bag-1 DNA were introduced into mouse hybridoma 2E3- O cells and expressed. The expression of bcl-2 in BCMGneo-bcl2 transfectants was confirmed by ELISA and that of bag-1 in pZeo-bag1 was confirmed by western blotting. In batch cultures, the over-expression of bcl-2 prolonged the culture period by 2 days and co-expression of bcl-2 and bag-1(More)
Recently, we reported an animal semiconductor PET with the spatial resolution of 0.8mm FWHM within the central 20mm-diameter of FOV for the purpose of biomedical study using rats and mice. This ultra high spatial resolution was obtained by the use of small CdTe elements of 1.1mm 1.0mm 5mm. The FOV of this PET is 64mm in diameter and 26 mm in axis. We(More)
Proton therapy facility at Cyclotron and Radioisotope Center (CYRIC) in Tohoku University includes a horizontal beam line, currently used for research studies, and also a rotational beam irradiation system which is under construction. This system will be able to change the beam irradiation angle from 0 to 180 degree around the target and the beam delivery(More)
The purpose of this study is to introduce a new interface program to calculate a dose distribution with Monte Carlo method in complex heterogeneous systems such as organs or tissues in proton therapy. This interface program was developed under MATLAB software and includes a friendly graphical user interface with several tools such as image properties(More)
Sea urchin zygotes can be refertilized when they are deprived of the fertilization membrane and the hyaline layer. We have earlier reported that a transient increase of the intracellular Ca2+ concentration (Cai-transient) is induced in zygotes refertilized by sperm or treated with a sperm extract (spex) (M. Osawa et al., 1994, Dev. Biol. 166, 268-276). We(More)
A system matrix (SM) is the basic component of iterative image reconstruction algorithms. Calculation of the SM needs a considerable amount of time due to an enormous number of lines of response (LORs) being modeled. In this study, we developed a technique based on a piece-wise calculation method in which symmetry and further division of the voxels are(More)
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