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We propose a method of describing human activities from video images based on concept hierarchies of actions. Major difficulty in transforming video images into textual descriptions is how to bridge a semantic gap between them, which is also known as inverse Hollywood problem. In general, the concepts of events or actions of human can be classified by(More)
In this paper, we propose a method for recognizing human actions and objects and translating them into natural language text. First, 3D environmental map is constructed by accumulating range maps captured from a 3D range sensor mounted on a mobile robot. Then, pose of a person in the scene is estimated by fitting articulated cylindrical model and also(More)
In the field of image understanding, it is becoming popular to recognize human actions and objects in a scene. Recently, various methods for scene recognition have been proposed, and most of them focus on recognizing human actions and objects in different ways. We consider, however, actions and objects can be recognized complementarily, because human(More)
In general, it is possible to find certain behavioral patterns in human daily activity. Such patterns are called as daily behavioral patterns. The purpose of this research is to learn and recognize behavioral patterns. In the previous methods, it is difficult to recognize in detail how a person acts in a room because the methods recognize only a sequence of(More)