Atson Carlos de Souza Fernandes

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We calculated the inter-radicular distances between the canine, and first and second premolars, of human mandibles and the thickness of the cortical bone at adjacent sites using computed tomographic (CT) imaging, and assessed the precision of the dimensional assessment made by CT compared with the same measurement made directly with calipers. We examined(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the posterior extension of trabecular bone and the height at which both the lateral and medial cortical bone layers of the mandibular ramus merge, using a reference point on the anterior margin of the mandibular ramus. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 80 adult human mandibles were studied. Starting at(More)
PURPOSE We sought to verify the cortical thickness and presence of tooth roots and inferior alveolar canal where miniplates are placed using the Champy technique to treat parasymphyseal fractures between the canine and premolar. We also studied these anatomic features at the same level anteriorly and posteriorly to the mental foramen. MATERIALS AND(More)
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