Atshushi Akera

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  • A. Akera
  • 2000
At first glance a review of a biography of a crystallographer, no matter how famous, appears to offer little to those interested in the history of computing. In fact Georgina Ferry's excellent, and most enjoyable, biography of Nobel laureate Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin gives an unintentional insight into how changes in computing machines and techniques(More)
This article describes Bernard A. Caller's involvement in early systems programming and machine languages research, his work with the ACM, and - of especial interest to the readers of this journal - his contributions to the development of the history of computing, and his role as the first editor in chief of the Annals of the History of Computing.
  • A. Akera
  • 1998
The Reviews Department includes reviews of publications, films, audio and video tapes, and exhibits relating to the history of computing. Full-length studies of technical, economic, business, and institutional aspects or other works of interest to Annals readers are briefly noted, with appropriate biblio-graphic information. Colleagues are encouraged to(More)
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