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Alkaline phosphatase (APase) of Vibrio cholerae is the first monomeric alkaline phosphatase reported [Roy, N.K., Ghosh, R.K., Das, J., 1982a. Monomeric alkaline phosphatase of V. cholerae. J. Bacteriol. 150, 1033-1039.]. The gene (phoA(VC)) encoding this enzyme is not identified in the published genome sequence of the V. cholerae serogroup O1 El Tor strain(More)
Nine major transfer RNA (tRNA) gene clusters were analysed in various Vibrio cholerae strains. Of these, only the tRNA operon I was found to differ significantly in V. cholerae classical (sixth pandemic) and El Tor (seventh pandemic) strains. Amongst the sixteen tRNA genes contained in this operon, genes for tRNA Gln3 (CAA) and tRNA Leu6 (CUA) were absent(More)
We have cloned, sequenced and analysed all the five classes of the intergenic (16S-23S rRNA) spacer region (ISR) associated with the eight rrn operons (rrna-rrnh) of Vibrio cholerae serogroup O1 El Tor strains isolated before, during and after the O 139 outbreak. ISR classes 'a' and 'g' were found to be invariant, ISR-B (ISRb and ISRe) exhibited very little(More)
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