Atoosa Parsa

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We present a data-driven method for designing parallel compliance. Designing such compliance helps the system to improve energy efficiency, mainly by reducing negative work. The core idea is to design a controller first and then find springs working in parallel with each actuator such that force-displacement graph is lined up around displacement axis. By(More)
Obtaining the dynamical model of a system with high degrees of freedom (DOF) is an extremely tedious and error-prone task. On the other hand, designing suitable and energy efficient gaits for legged robots is a difficult procedure due to the large number of parameters that require tuning and calibration. In this paper we obtain the equations of motion for a(More)
In this paper, a novel method towards approaching perfect tracking performance in periodic motions for robotic joints with serial elastic actuators, is proposed. The method is in an adaptive feed-forward scheme which has the ability to learn the required controlling signal, leading to reduced tracking error. Ordinary learning feed-forward methods do not(More)
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