Atle Rognmo

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At birth reindeer calves often are exposed to sub-zero ambient temperatures (Ta) sometimes even combined with wind and precipitation. The resting metabolism was measured in three different age groups (1, 7 and 14 days old) at Ta's of -20, -5, 10 and 20 degrees C. Resting metabolism in the thermoneutral zone decreased from 5.1 W X kg-1 at day 1 and 7 to 4.8(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine whether a convenient relationship could be found between heart rate (HR) and energy expenditure at rest and during running in the high arctic Svalbard reindeer (SR) and the subarctic Norwegian reindeer (NR). Measurements of HR and energy expenditure (O2 consumption) were made at different ambient temperatures, at(More)
Exhaled air temperature (Te), respiratory frequency (f), and rectal temperature (Tb) were measured in two reindeer before, during and after running for 45 min at a constant speed of 9.2 km X hr-1 on a level treadmill at different ambient temperatures (Ta), in summer with fur insulation at a minimum and in winter with fur insulation at its prime. Before and(More)
A multispectral camera concept is presented. The concept is based on using a patterned filter in the focal plane, combined with scanning of the field of view. The filter layout has stripes of different bandpass filters extending orthogonally to the scan direction. The pattern of filter stripes is such that all bands are sampled multiple times, while(More)
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