Atle Onar Knapskog

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An experiment has been carried out with simultaneous Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging of ships in harbour from the satellite-based system TerraSAR-X and the small helicopter-based radar PicoSAR. The targets are two large passenger vessels. The data sets are well suited for studying the results of different radar parameters and imaging geometries, in(More)
Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have recently been applied successfully in large scale image classification competitions for photographs found on the Internet. As our brains are able to recognize objects in the images, there must be some regularities in the data that a neural network can utilize. These regularities are difficult to find an explicit set(More)
Although periodic amplitude modulation of echoes from birds were observed in the very first recordings of birds with radar, few publications on the topic are found in the literature. The phenomenon, which tends to be correlated with the wing beat frequency (WBF), has been suggested as a feature for discrimination between bird species. Early studies were(More)
Known as a useful tool to simulate SAR image, the MOCEM software has been recently extended. Now, its version 4 includes new features to simulate the radar raw data of a maritime scene composed of a ship on a dynamic sea surface. This paper describes the latest developments of the software and illustrates the work done in the context of a cooperation(More)
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