Atiye Alaeddini

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— Given a network, we would like to determine which subset of nodes should be measured by limited sensing facilities to maximize information about the entire network. The optimal choice corresponds to the configuration that returns the highest value of a measure of observability of the system. Here, the determinant of the inverse of the observability(More)
— Utilizing the concept of observability, in conjunction with tools from graph theory and optimization, this paper develops an algorithm for network synthesis with privacy guarantees. In particular, we propose an algorithm for the selection of optimal weights for the communication graph in order to maximize the privacy of nodes in the network, from a(More)
This paper is concerned with the design of a constrained optimal control of finite-dimensional control-affine nonlinear dynamical systems. We introduce an optimal control problem which specifically considers the observability of the obtained solution, while the stability of the closed loop system is guaranteed. In this paper, a cost function is introduced(More)
Epidemiological models have tremendous potential to forecast disease burden and quantify the impact of interventions. Detailed models are increasingly popular, however these models tend to be stochastic and very costly to evaluate. Fortunately, readily available high-performance cloud computing now means that these models can be evaluated many times in(More)
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