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America's Shifting Color Line? Reexamining Determinants of Latino Racial Self-Identification
Objectives Latinos are the nation's largest minority group and will double in size by 2050. Their size coupled with the fact that Latinos do not constitute a separate race raises questions aboutExpand
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Campaign Politics and the Digital Divide
The Internet has created a digital and a political divide. Just as the elderly, those less well educated, and some minorities are less likely to use the Internet than other Americans, candidates forExpand
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Racial Identity and Latino Vote Choice
Little empirical research has investigated the influence of racial identification on Latino vote choice. This article examines this relationship controlling for socioeconomic and demographic factors.Expand
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Put to the Test
Despite the importance of high-stakes tests in education policy, relatively little is known about opinion on this issue. We examine racial and socioeconomic differences in support for high-stakesExpand
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The Politics of Race in Latino Communities: Walking the Color Line
1. Introduction Part 1: The Formation of Racial Identity 2. The Meaning and Measurement of Race 3. The Foundations of Latino Racial Identity Part 2: The Political Significance of Latino RacialExpand
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Race, Gender, and Symbolic Representation: African American Female Candidates as Mobilizing Agents
Abstract The symbolic importance of women in the political system has been well documented in recent studies. However, these studies frequently overlook the intersectional effect of race and genderExpand
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Give ‘Em Something to Talk about: The Influence of Female Candidates’ Campaign Issues on Political Proselytizing
Previous research has demonstrated that the presence of a woman on the ballot is linked to political proselytizing among women. Yet this type of political engagement is enhanced when certainExpand
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The Hidden Politics of Identity: Racial Self‐Identification and Latino Political Engagement
Although prior research suggests that cultural identity is a strong determinant of Latino political behavior, few studies have examined the significance of racial self-identification formation forExpand
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Racial Self Identification and Latino Public Opinion
The changing demography of the United States has generated a great deal of discussion about the role of Latinos in American politics. This changing demography has also generated scholarly interest inExpand