Atish Mishra

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Cloud computing has been acknowledged as one of the prevailing models for providing IT capacities. The computing paradigm that comes with cloud computing has incurred great concerns on the security of data, especially the integrity and confidentiality of data, as cloud service providers may have complete control on the computing infrastructure that(More)
A genetic algorithm based policy management system judges the validity of network events according to the rules defined in the rule base. These rules are either IP addresses or combination of IP address and some other parameters, such as port numbers etc. This paper discusses the design and benefits of rule base which is based on Finite State Machines.(More)
After overcoming some drawbacks from an improved genetic feedback algorithm based network security policy framework. A motivation was experienced for the need of a strong network security policy framework. In this paper a strong network model for security function is presented. A gene for a network packet is defined through fitness function and a method to(More)
Earlier the model suggested was much generalized and simple. It was lacking in clarity about the functioning of its components, which made it difficult to be implemented. In this paper an improved model for the security policy framework is suggested, in which functioning of each component and there interconnectivity is explained clearly. The fitness(More)
A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a wireless network such that nodes are move dynamically in network. In network layer so many attacks but introduce only collaborative black hole attack a group of black hole node easily employed against routing in mobile ad-hock networks called collaborative black hole attack. In this paper we introduce trusted AODV(More)
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