Atish K. Das

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Managing distributed data streams has become an important issue in this era of massive data and cloud computing. Several models have been proposed for the study of algorithms dealing with such data. Most applications use some variant of a distributed streaming architecture , where data is aggregated on a tree from leaf nodes receiving the inputs; such a(More)
1 Motivation The current system of peer-reviewed publications is governed by a cycle — write a paper, submit it, have it undergo review, and be published in an archival journal or conference — that was shaped by the medium used for disseminating the results. Printing and shipping journals or conference proceedings is expensive, and takes time; this gave(More)
Finding sparse cuts form an important tool for analyzing/partitioning large graphs that arise in practice, such as the web graph, online social communities, and VLSI circuits. A well developed framework for working with such large graphs is the streaming model wherein the input is assumed to be on disk, and any algorithm is allowed to make few passes over(More)
In this paper, we consider the natural arrival and departure of users in a social network, and ask whether the dynamics of arrival, which have been studied in some depth, also explain the dynamics of departure, which are not as well studied. Through study of the DBLP co-authorship network and a large online social network, we show that the dynamics of(More)
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