Atilla Veres

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BACKGROUND AND AIMS This paper examines the basis of the greater tolerance of an indica rice cultivar FR13A to complete submergence compared with relatively intolerant japonica rice CT6241. We study whether this superior tolerance is related to its greater tolerance to O2 shortage and to an ability to run a more favourable rate of alcoholic fermentation(More)
The purpose of this work was to experimentally investigate the out-of-field dose in a water phantom, with several high energy electron beams used in external beam radiotherapy (RT). The study was carried out for 6, 9, 12, and 18 MeV electron beams, on three different linear accelerators, each equipped with a specific applicator. Measurements were performed(More)
PURPOSE Traditional IMRT QA procedures yield close approximations to the patients planned dose distribution. However, the relationship between QA data and the patients planned distribution is difficult to quantify. This study presents an approach to investigate the relationship between a planar QA distribution and the same doseplane within the patient using(More)
PURPOSE To develop an external quality control procedure for CyberKnife(®) beams. This work conducted in Nancy, has included a test protocol initially drawn by the medical physicist of Nancy and Lille in collaboration with Equal-Estro Laboratory. MATERIALS AND METHODS A head and neck anthropomorphic phantom and a water-equivalent homogeneous cubic plastic(More)
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