Atilio I Anzellotti

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Noncovalent interactions are ubiquitous in ternary systems involving metal ions, DNA/RNA, and proteins and represent a structural motif for design of selective inhibitors of biological function. This(More)
Eight new ruthenium complexes of clotrimazole (CTZ) with high antiparasitic activity have been synthesized, cis,fac-[Ru(II)Cl(2)(DMSO)(3)(CTZ)] (1), cis,cis,trans-[Ru(II)Cl(2)(DMSO)(2)(CTZ)(2)] (2),(More)
The interaction of the complexes [Pd(dien)(1-MeCyt)]2+ (2) and [Pd(dien)(9-EtGH)]2+ (3) with the amino acids L-tryptophan (Trp) and N-acetyltryptophan (N-AcTrp) was studied and compared with the(More)