Atila Batista

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In the present study the role of 5-HT(3) receptors located at the medial septum/vertical limb of the diagonal band complex (MS/vDB) in the control of blood pressure in unanaesthetized rats was investigated. Microinjections of ondansetron, a selective 5-HT(3) receptor antagonist, into this area caused a dose-dependent increase in blood pressure. This rise(More)
The process of bone resorption can reduce the volume of the alveolar crest, which makes may make difficult impression taking of the alveolar tissue and the subsequent fit of a new denture. This clinical report describes a fast and simple technique for impressions of edentulous ridges to replace complete dentures, using a temporary tissue conditioner(More)
The objective of this longitudinal clinical randomized trial was to evaluate the clinical performance of a nanofilled and a nanohybrid resin composite in Class I occlusal restorations of posterior teeth over the course of 54 months. Forty-one adolescents participated in the study. The teeth were restored with Adper Single Bond 2 (3M ESPE) and nanofilled(More)
We demonstrate here that acute third ventricle injections of GR 113808, a highly selective 5-HT4 antagonist, decrease water intake induced by a previous salt load while potentiating drinking elicited by hypovolemia induced by previous subcutaneous administration of polyethylene glycol in male Wistar rats (200 +/- 20 g). At the dose of 160 nmol/rat, third(More)
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