Atif Waraich

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This paper briefly describes the design, development and evaluation of a prototype multimedia Interactive Learning Environment (ILE). This incorporated narrative in an attempt to provide a rich and engaging learning experience for first year undergraduate students studying a computer architecture unit at Manchester Metropolitan University. The main problem(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous studies have suggested an association of viral hepatitis with alcoholism, although the role of confounding risk factors (e.g. i.v. drug use) has not been adequately excluded. We therefore compared the seroprevalences of hepatitis B and C in alcoholic patients to that of a nonalcoholic control group. METHODS Hepatitis B surface antigen,(More)
BACKGROUND Much of alcohol's toxicity is due to its product, acetaldehyde. The role of acetaldehyde derived from endogenous sources was assessed in alcoholic patients administered disulfiram, an inhibitor of aldehyde dehydrogenase. METHODS The first part of the study included 23 subjects without biochemical or clinical evidence of chronic liver disease(More)
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