Atif Shamim

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Monitoring fatigue cracking of large engineering structures is a costly and time-intensive process. The authors' present the first low-cost inkjet-printed patch antenna sensor that can passively detect crack formation, orientation and shape by means of resonant frequency shifts in the two resonant modes of the antenna. For the first time, the effect of(More)
The increasing energy demands of the world's population and the quickly diminishing fossil fuel reserves together suggest the urgent need to secure long-lasting alternative and renewable energy resources. Here, we present a THz antenna integrated with a rectifier (rectenna) for harvesting infrared energy. We demonstrate a resonant bowtie antenna that has(More)
The paper presents design of three different fractal antennas in Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) substrate. An aperture coupled feeding technique has been used in all the three designs which is highly suitable for multi-layer system on package (SoP) concept. The three fractal designs demonstrated are Sierpinski carpet fractal antenna, Sierpinski(More)
Chronic wounds affect millions of patients around the world and their treatment is challenging as the early signs indicating their development are subtle. In addition, a type of chronic wound, known as pressure ulcer, develops in patients with limited mobility. Infection and frequent bleeding are indicators of chronic wound development. In this article, we(More)
An inkjet-printed, fully passive sensor capable of either humidity or gas sensing is presented herein. The sensor is composed of an interdigitated electrode, a customized printable gas sensitive ink and a specialized dipole antenna for wireless sensing. The interdigitated electrode printed on a paper substrate provides the base conductivity that varies(More)
—In this work, a library of 3D lumped components completely embedded in the thinnest, multilayer liquid crystal polymer (M-LCP) stack-up with four metallization layers and 100 µm of total thickness, is reported for the first time. A vertically and horizontally interdigitated capacitor, realized in this stack-up, provides higher self resonant frequency as(More)
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