Atif Shamim

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Monitoring fatigue cracking of large engineering structures is a costly and time-intensive process. The authors' present the first low-cost inkjet-printed patch antenna sensor that can passively detect crack formation, orientation and shape by means of resonant frequency shifts in the two resonant modes of the antenna. For the first time, the effect of(More)
<?Pub Dtl?>A first fully integrated 5.2-GHz CMOS-based RF power harvester with an on-chip antenna is presented in this paper. The design is optimized for sensors implanted inside the eye to wirelessly monitor the intraocular pressure of glaucoma patients. It includes a five-stage RF rectifier with an on-chip antenna, a dc voltage limiter, two voltage(More)
The increasing energy demands of the world's population and the quickly diminishing fossil fuel reserves together suggest the urgent need to secure long-lasting alternative and renewable energy resources. Here, we present a THz antenna integrated with a rectifier (rectenna) for harvesting infrared energy. We demonstrate a resonant bowtie antenna that has(More)
The incidence, severity and pattern of post-intubation laryngotracheal sequelae in a 12 bed multidisciplinary intensive care unit (ICU) were assessed in this prospective study. One-hundred and fifty consecutive patients requiring intubation for more than 24 hours for various indications were studied. Evaluation of the larynx and trachea was done using a(More)
The paper presents design of three different fractal antennas in Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) substrate. An aperture coupled feeding technique has been used in all the three designs which is highly suitable for multi-layer system on package (SoP) concept. The three fractal designs demonstrated are Sierpinski carpet fractal antenna, Sierpinski(More)
Currently, silver-nanoparticle-based inkjet ink is commercially available. This type of ink has several serious problems such as a complex synthesis protocol, high cost, high sintering temperatures (∼200 °C), particle aggregation, nozzle clogging, poor shelf life, and jetting instability. For the emerging field of printed electronics, these shortcomings in(More)
There is a growing need for small size integrable phased antenna arrays for emerging satellite communications on-the-move applications. Traditional ferrite-based phase shifters are generally bulky due to the need of electromagnets for biasing, yielding them unsuitable for this kind of application. In this paper, a novel compact light-weight substrate(More)
This prospective study was designed to explore the possible role of fine needle aspiration of recurrently inflamed tonsils in determining their core flora. Seventy-seven patients undergoing tosillectomy for recurrent tonsillitis were included. Colonies grown from fine needle aspirate and surface swab were compared with tonsillar core culture obtained after(More)