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The concept of coupling geographically distributed resources for solving large scale problems is becoming increasingly popular forming what is popularly called grid computing. Management of resources in the Grid environment becomes complex as the resources are geographically distributed , heterogeneous in nature and owned by different individuals and(More)
Selecting optimal resources for submitting jobs on a computational grid or accessing data from a data grid is one of the most important tasks of any grid middleware. Most modern grid software today satisfies this responsibility and gives a best-effort performance to solve this problem. Almost all decisions regarding scheduling and data access are made by(More)
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology has resulted in massive amounts of proteomics and genomics data. This data is of no use if it is not properly analyzed. ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading) is an important step in designing data analytics applications. ETL requires proper understanding of features of data. Data format plays a key role in(More)
Large volume of Genomics data is produced on daily basis due to the advancement in sequencing technology. This data is of no value if it is not properly analysed. Different kinds of analytics are required to extract useful information from this raw data. Classification, Prediction, Clustering and Pattern Extraction are useful techniques of data mining.(More)
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