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Most teleoperation tasks involve controlling as well as monitoring from a remote location. This requires the eyes of the operator to be engaged in the monitoring task and the hands in the controlling task for the whole duration of the operation. Since the eyes are involved in the monitoring task anyway, inputs from their gaze can be used to aid in the(More)
In this paper, the simulation of an occupant's behaviour in a single-occupant ambient intelligent environment is addressed. The algorithm of the simulator is designed flexible enough to accept different environmental profiles including the number of areas and the connections between them along with different occupant's profiles including expected daily(More)
Modern applications including graphics, multimedia, web search, and data analytics not only can benefit from acceleration, but also exhibit significant degrees of tolerance to imprecise computation. This amenability to approximation provides an opportunity to trade quality of the results for higher performance and better resource utilization. Exploiting(More)
—Most existing video encoders currently used in mobile applications are unable to gracefully degrade their output quality as the battery life nears its end. In other words, they cannot manage power consumption to efficiently utilize the available power resources. To be able to effectively adapt to changes in the encoder's software and hardware platforms,(More)
— As the system complexity increases, the failure probability increases substantially. Therefore, the system requires techniques for supporting fault tolerance. Checkpointing technique is widely used to reduce the execution time of long-running programs in presence of failures and enhancing the reliability of such systems. Several methods were studied thus(More)
The increasing ageing population is demanding new care approaches to maintain the quality of life of elderly people. Informal carers are becoming crucial agents in the care and support of elderly people, which can lead to those carers suffering from additional stress due to competing priorities with employment or due to lack of knowledge about elderly(More)
Approximate computing provides an opportunity for exploiting application characteristics to improve performance of computing systems. However, such opportunity must be balanced against generality of methods and quality guarantees that the system designer can provide to the application developer. Improved parallel processing in graphics processing units(More)