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All of these media have one thing in common. Every moment of the audience's journey is being guided by talented experts, whether an screenwriter and actor/director, a writer/animator, or a playwright and team of puppeteers. These experts use their judgment to maintain a balance: characters must be consistent and recognizable, and must respond to each other(More)
Network games are the fastest growing segment of the games market. The technologies required to build these massively networked games is evolving at a rapid pace. There are many components to these technologies. There are server, desktop client, and mobile client technologies which enable these connected games. This article provides on overview of the(More)
It has long been a goal of the animated agent community to bring embodied agent technologies out of the research labs and into the hands of authors and designers who may put them to practical use. Improv is a set of tools and techniques developed at NYU which make it possible to create applications involving animated agents that behave, interact and respond(More)
What is a narrative environment? Simply put, it is a space that facilitates a story. Although this art has been perfected in the real world by theme park designers, in the virtual world, space as a narrative medium is just beginning to be explored. Current applications focus on three dimensions, but ignore the fourth— time. Thus much of cyerspace is, at(More)
The Windows-based desktop metaphor. Text and graphical user interfaces. Multimedia displays of moving images and audio. These three concepts constitute the language we use to communicate, to educate, to entertain with our computers and the Internet. And yet in our daily lives we communicate and engage in a totally different way. We talk with our friends and(More)
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