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In 2007, a consortium of European experts on tacrolimus (TAC) met to discuss the most recent advances in the drug/dose optimization of TAC taking into account specific clinical situations and the analytical methods currently available and drew some recommendations and guidelines to help clinicians with the practical use of the drug. Pharmacokinetic,(More)
To assess the cause of the digoxin-amiodarone interaction, the systemic availability and renal excretion of digoxin were examined in 10 patients. Patients were studied before and after 1 week and 6 weeks of concurrent amiodarone therapy, and four were also studied after 4-8 months. Mean (+/- SD) peak plasma digoxin concentration rose from 1.55 +/- 0.6(More)
With regard to THC (Δ(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive constituent identified in the plant Cannabis sativa L, several facts are indisputable. Cannabis remains the most commonly used drug in the UK among those who reported driving under the influence of illegal drugs in the previous 12 months. There is a significant dose-related decrement in(More)
BACKGROUND There is marked heterogeneity in blood concentrations of tacrolimus following standard body-weight-based dosing. This is most apparent in black patients, who have a higher dose requirement when compared with other ethnic groups. Differences in intestinal P-glycoprotein and hepatic and intestinal cytochrome P4503A activity have been postulated as(More)
A meeting of 14 transplant and pharmacokinetic specialists from Europe and North America was convened in November 2001 to evaluate scientific and clinical data regarding the use of different formulations of cyclosporin A (CsA). The following consensus was achieved. (1) CsA is a critical-dose drug with a narrow therapeutic window. Clinical outcomes after(More)
Pursuant to anecdotal case reports of a possible drug-drug interaction between cyclosporine and diclofenac, an open, two-period crossover study in 24 healthy male volunteers was undertaken in which a single oral dose of 300 mg cyclosporine was administered alone and on day 8 of multiple oral dosing of 50 mg diclofenac every 8 hours. Serial blood samples(More)
Antipsychotic drugs act on the dopaminergic system (first-generation antipsychotics, FGA), but some also directly affect serotonergic function (second-generation antipsychotics, SGA) in the brain. Short and long-term effects of these drugs on brain physiology remain poorly understood. Moreover, it remains unclear whether any physiological effect in the(More)
AIMS The Transdermal Delivery System (TDS) is a liquid formulation that can be applied to the skin via a metered pump spray to deliver drug to the systemic circulation. The aims of this study were to assess the ability of the TDS preparation to deliver testosterone systemically, and to characterize the pharmacokinetic profiles of the hormone in healthy(More)
The management of congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase (CYP21) deficiency requires glucocorticoid substitution with oral hydrocortisone given twice or thrice daily. In paediatric practice little is known of the bioavailability of oral hydrocortisone tablets used in these patients. The aim of this study was to assess the bioavailability of(More)
INTRODUCTION Dissolution is the amount of substance that goes into solution per unit time under standardised conditions of liquid/solid interface, solvent composition and temperature. Dissolution is one of the most important tools to predict the in-vivo bioavailability and in some cases to determine bioequivalence and assure interchangeability. AIM To(More)