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The PRINTS database, now in its 21st year, houses a collection of diagnostic protein family 'fingerprints'. Fingerprints are groups of conserved motifs, evident in multiple sequence alignments, whose unique inter-relationships provide distinctive signatures for particular protein families and structural/functional domains. As such, they may be used to(More)
UNLABELLED We present LaTcOm, a new web tool, which offers several alternative methods for 'rare codon cluster' (RCC) identification from a single and simple graphical user interface. In the current version, three RCC detection schemes are implemented: the recently described %MinMax algorithm and a simplified sliding window approach, along with a novel(More)
Familial apparently balanced translocations (ABTs) segregating with discordant phenotypes are extremely challenging for interpretation and counseling due to the scarcity of publications and lack of routine techniques for quick investigation. Recently, next generation sequencing has emerged as an efficacious methodology for precise detection of translocation(More)
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