Athina Theodosiou

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The PRINTS database, now in its 21st year, houses a collection of diagnostic protein family 'fingerprints'. Fingerprints are groups of conserved motifs, evident in multiple sequence alignments, whose unique inter-relationships provide distinctive signatures for particular protein families and structural/functional domains. As such, they may be used to(More)
Notch is a highly conserved family of transmembrane receptors and transcription factors that are key players in several developmental processes. In this study, we identified novel Notch sequences from various species covering from worm to human and conducted a comprehensive phylogenetic analysis in order to confirm and extend the evolutionary history of(More)
UNLABELLED We present LaTcOm, a new web tool, which offers several alternative methods for 'rare codon cluster' (RCC) identification from a single and simple graphical user interface. In the current version, three RCC detection schemes are implemented: the recently described %MinMax algorithm and a simplified sliding window approach, along with a novel(More)
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