Athina-Soragia Gkazi

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Algorithms designed to identify canonical yeast prions predict that around 250 human proteins, including several RNA-binding proteins associated with neurodegenerative disease, harbour a distinctive prion-like domain (PrLD) enriched in uncharged polar amino acids and glycine. PrLDs in RNA-binding proteins are essential for the assembly of ribonucleoprotein(More)
Hong Joo Kim1,*, Nam Chul Kim1,*, Yong-Dong Wang2,*, Emily A. Scarborough3,*, Jennifer Moore1,*, Zamia Diaz3,*, Kyle S. MacLea4, Brian Freibaum1, Songqing Li1, Amandine Molliex1, Anderson P. Kanagaraj1, Robert Carter5, Kevin B. Boylan6, Aleksandra M. Wojtas6, Rosa Rademakers6, Jack L. Pinkus7, Steven A. Greenberg7, John Q. Trojanowski8, Bryan J. Traynor9,(More)
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