Athina Kallipolitou

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Here, using a quantitative in vivo assay, we map three regions in the carboxy terminus of conventional kinesin that are involved in cargo association, folding and regulation, respectively. Using C-terminal and internal deletions, point mutations, localization studies, and an engineered ‘minimal’ kinesin, we identify five heptads of a coiled-coil domain in(More)
Fungal conventional kinesins are unusually fast microtubule motor proteins. To compare the functional organization of fungal and animal conventional kinesins, a set of C-terminal deletion mutants of the Neurospora crassa conventional kinesin, NcKin, was investigated for its biochemical and biophysical properties. While the shortest, monomeric construct(More)
BACKGROUND Expression of aggrecan is reduced during aging and osteoarthritic cartilage degeneration. CpG methylation may have a role in the down regulation of aggrecan transcriptions. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether a correlation between gene methylation and expression of aggrecan in chondrocytes exists. METHODS The human aggrecan promoter region was(More)
Conventional kinesins are two-headed molecular motors that move as single molecules micrometer-long distances on microtubules by using energy derived from ATP hydrolysis. The presence of two heads is a prerequisite for this processive motility, but other interacting domains, like the neck and K-loop, influence the processivity and are implicated in allowing(More)
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