Athina Drakou

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OBJECTIVES Hemodialysis patients have a cardiovascular mortality rate of 20-40 times that of the general population. Aldosterone inhibition by spironolactone has exerted beneficial, prognostically significant cardiovascular effects in patients with heart failure maintained on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Our aim was to investigate spironolactone's(More)
BACKGROUND No reliable biomarker exists to predict responsiveness to intravenous (IV) iron (Fe) in iron deficient patients with CKD. We aimed to investigate the clinical value of bioactive Hepcidin-25 and soluble Transferrin Receptor (sTfR) levels in predialysis patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS In this prospective study 78 stable stage III-IV CKD(More)
OBJECTIVE Hypertensive patients with CKD present an increased risk for cardiovascular mortality. Among the proteins synthesized and released from adipose tissue, resistin is a cytokine whose physiologic role has been the subject of much research and controversy. We and others have demonstrated that serum resistin levels are higher in patients with CKD and(More)
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