Athina Asimakopoulou

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OBJECTIVE In this study, we aim to assess the long-term survival and causes of death in a retrospective cohort study on patients with all aetiologies of endogenous Cushing's syndrome (CS) (except adrenal cancer), presenting to two large tertiary endocrine referral centres, and to identify variables predicting mortality. SUBJECTS AND METHODS The records of(More)
KEY CLINICAL MESSAGE The clinical course of our patient, who sustained remission status for at least 18 months highlights the chance of long-term hormonal and tumor remission and demonstrates the efficacy and safety of discontinuation of temozolomide therapy. Prospective studies are required in order to define predictors of long-term remission of this(More)
CONTEXT Cushing's disease (CD) has a significant relapse rate after successful transsphenoidal surgery (TSS). Many CD patients respond aberrantly to the desmopressin test (DT). Disappearance of this response after surgery may suggest complete removal of abnormal corticotrophs and a lower possibility of recurrence. OBJECTIVE The utility of postoperative DT(More)
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