Atheeq Ahmed

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Surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices have been used extensively for a variety of applications such as telecommunications, electronic devices, and sensors. The emerging need for high-bit data processing at gigahertz frequencies and the requirement of high-sensitivity sensors demand the development of high-efficiency SAW devices. With the objective of(More)
Over the last decades, surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices have been involved in a variety of applications including communication systems, physical and chemical sensors and lab on chip. However, increasing demand in high volume communication systems and ultrasensitive sensors has called for advanced SAW devices that can operate at higher frequencies (GHz)(More)
This article reports on the realization of high frequency surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator architectures on a bi-layer aluminium nitride (AlN) /ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) structure using electron beam lithography (EBL) and lift-off processes. The UNCD layer was simply synthesized using microwave plasma enhanced vapour deposition (MWPECVD). An(More)
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