Athar Ali Khan

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—Traditional power grids are currently being transformed into Smart Grids (SGs). SGs feature multi-way communication among energy generation, transmission, distribution, and usage facilities. The reliable, efficient, and intelligent management of complex power systems requires integration of high-speed, reliable, and secure data information and(More)
Description: This book incorporates fast-moving research themes based on agricultural crop improvement and ongoing climate change in the present scenario. As time is going now, natural and cultivated habitats of crop plant are continuously disturbed; as a result, crop productivity and crop biology are affected continuously by climate change patterns like(More)
Models with bathtub-shaped hazard function have been widely accepted in the field of reliability and medicine and are particularly useful in reliability related decision making and cost analysis. In this paper, the exponential power model capable of assuming increasing as well as bathtub-shape, is studied. This article makes a Bayesian study of the same(More)
Internet of Things (IoT) is a world wide network of interconnected objects. IoT capable objects will be interconnected through wired and wireless communication technologies. However, cost-effectiveness issues and accessibility to remote users make wireless communication as a feasible solution. A majority of possibilities have been proposed but many of these(More)
BACKGROUND Due to lack of correct blood grouping practices, the rare Bombay Oh phenotype may be missed, subjecting patients to the risk of severe hemolytic transfusion reaction. In the absence of blood donor registry, transfusion management of patients needing immediate surgery is a challenge. This study presents detection of rare Bombay Oh phenotype(More)
Log-Burr distribution is a generalization of logistic and extreme value distributions, which are important reliability models. In this paper, Bayesian approach is used to model reliability data for log-Burr model using analytic and simulation tools. Laplace approximation is implemented for approximating posterior densities of the parameters. Moreover,(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The present study was undertaken to assess the pattern of skin malignancies in Qassim region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. METHODS Data of histopathological confirmed cases of skin malignancies were collected from all the referral hospitals of Qassim region during a period from January 2000 to July 2009. RESULTS Out of 94 cases(More)
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