Athanassios S. Poulakidas

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WWW-based Internet information service has grown enormously during the last few years, and major performance bottlenecks have been caused by WWW server and Internet bandwidth inadequacies. Utilizing client-site computing power and also multi-processor support at the server site can substantially improve the system response time. In this paper, we examine(More)
Wavelet transforms, when combined with quantization and a suitable encoding, can be used to compress images eeectively. In order to use them for image library systems, a compact storage scheme for quantized coeecient wavelet data must be developed with a support for fast subregion retrieval. We have designed such a scheme and in this paper we provide(More)
DAP (Distributed Algorithms Platform) is a generic andhomogeneous simulation environment aiming at the implementation,simulation, and testing of distributed algorithmsfor wired and wireless networks. In this work, we presentits architecture, the most important design decisions, anddiscuss its distinct features and functionalities. DAP allowsthe algorithm(More)
In an image browsing environment there is need for progressively viewing image subregions at various resolutions. We describe a storage scheme that accomplishes good image compression, while supporting fast image subregion retrieval. We evaluate analytically and experimentally the compression performance of our algorithm. We also provide results on the(More)
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