Athanassios G. Triantafyllou

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—The purpose of this work is to provide access to meteorological data as well as information of the status of air quality for the city of Kozani in real time with a user-friendly interface. The application has been developed using only open source software. MySQL has been used as a relational database management system, PHP as the scripting language for the(More)
—An operational monitoring, as well as high resolution local-scale meteorological and air quality forecasting information system for Western Macedonia, Hellas, has been developed and is operated by the Laboratory of Atmospheric Pollution and Environmental Physics / TEI Western Macedonia since 2002, continuously improved. In this paper the novelty of(More)
Several epidemiological studies have shown an association between particulate air pollution and health effects. Suspended particulates and more specifically the inhalable PM 10 fraction appear to cause respiratory health effects and heart diseases. Furthermore, particulate pollution is of paramount importance in areas with open-pit mines and especially when(More)
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