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Photochemical hydrogen production and cobaloximes: the influence of the cobalt axial N-ligand on the system stability.
We report on the first systematic study of cobaloxime-based hydrogen photoproduction in mixed pH 7 aqueous/acetonitrile solutions and demonstrate that H2 evolution can be tuned through electronicExpand
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Eicosanoids in prostate cancer
Many epidemiological studies revealed an association of dietary consumption of fatty acids and prostate cancer. Linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid and their derivatives such as arachidonic acidExpand
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Porphyrin-Sensitized Evolution of Hydrogen using Dawson and Keplerate Polyoxometalate Photocatalysts.
Hydrogen evolution using photocatalytic systems based on artificial photosynthesis is a major approach toward solar energy conversion and storage. In the polyoxometalate-based photocatalytic systemsExpand
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Photochemical hydrogen evolution using Sn-porphyrin as photosensitizer and a series of Cobaloximes as catalysts
Herein, we report a photochemical hydrogen evolution system consisting of various cobalt based catalysts, a metallated Sn porphyrin as photosensitizer and a triethanolamine as a sacrificial electronExpand
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Photocatalytic hydrogen production based on a water-soluble porphyrin derivative as sensitizer and a series of Wilkinson type complexes as catalysts
Herein, we report photochemical hydrogen evolution systems consisting of various rhodium based catalysts with Wilkinson type structures, Zn metalated porphyrins and fluorescein as photosensitizersExpand
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