Athanasios Tsoukalas

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BACKGROUND A tantalizing question in medical informatics is how to construct knowledge from heterogeneous datasets, and as an extension, inform clinical decisions. The emergence of large-scale data integration in electronic health records (EHR) presents tremendous opportunities. However, our ability to efficiently extract informed decision support is(More)
The development of a scalable framework for biodesign automation is a formidable challenge given the expected increase in part availability and the ever-growing complexity of synthetic circuits. To allow for (a) the use of previously constructed and characterized circuits or modules and (b) the implementation of designs that can scale up to hundreds of(More)
Given the vast behavioral repertoire and biological complexity of even the simplest organisms, accurately predicting phenotypes in novel environments and unveiling their biological organization is a challenging endeavor. Here, we present an integrative modeling methodology that unifies under a common framework the various biological processes and their(More)
Neurovascular inflammation is associated with a number of neurological diseases including vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, which are increasingly important causes of morbidity and mortality around the world. Lipotoxicity is a metabolic disorder that results from accumulation of lipids, particularly fatty acids, in non-adipose tissue leading to(More)
An integrated system for a power-aware robotic-centric exploratory lunar mission is the subject of this article. The robots communicate with a base station with a flexible protocol that can automatically change its attributes from multi to single hopping strategies according to the QoS of the entire network. The base station is responsible for the tracking(More)
While important in their own right, integration of genome-scale host models with synthetic circuit design tools will be a boon for synthetic biology, as they will provide more accurate predictions of circuit dynamics and function. Towards this goal, we have developed the most comprehensive normalized gene expression compendium of 4,291 genes over 2,262(More)
I have academic and industrial experience in bioinformatics, control/decision support systems, optimization techniques and robotics. As a Design Lead for Fleet management system implementation for the European Commission project INNACT-RWG 2002-3, entitled " Development of an advanced technological system for treatment of emergency medical incidents " i was(More)
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