Athanasios Theocharidis

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Network analysis has an increasing role in our effort to understand the complexity of biological systems. This is because of our ability to generate large data sets, where the interaction or distance between biological components can be either measured experimentally or calculated. Here we describe the use of BioLayout Express(3D), an application that has(More)
MOTIVATION Hundreds of genome-wide association studies have been performed over the last decade, but as single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) chip density has increased so has the computational burden to search for epistasis [for n SNPs the computational time resource is O(n(n-1)/2)]. While the theoretical contribution of epistasis toward phenotypes of(More)
There is general agreement amongst biologists about the need for good pathway diagrams and a need to formalize the way biological pathways are depicted. However, implementing and agreeing how best to do this is currently the subject of some debate. The modified Edinburgh Pathway Notation (mEPN) scheme is founded on a notation system originally devised a(More)
Background: A total of 30 consecutive morbidly obese patients, six males and 24 females, who underwent vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG) between January 1992 and December 1994 and were followed up by endoscopy and biopsy were included in this study with the aim to determine the short- and mid-term complications and to investigate alterations in esophageal,(More)
In an effort to better understand the molecular networks that underpin macrophage activation we have been assembling a map of relevant pathways. Manual curation of the published literature was carried out in order to define the components of these pathways and the interactions between them. This information has been assembled into a large integrated(More)
The subject of this PhD thesis is the study of photonic crystal waveguides that incorporate discontinuities or structural fabrication-induced variations. For the numerical study of these devices the mode matching (MM) method is proposed. The comparison of the MM method with the couple mode theory (CMT) showed that the CMT can provide only a first(More)
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