Athanasios Stefanou

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Cerebellar activation during execution and imagination of a finger movement was compared. Functional magnetic resonance imaging was used to detect cerebellar activation during execution and imagination of an untrained self-paced finger-to-thumb movement (left and right hand separately). The four fingers were opposed to the thumb in changing sequences freely(More)
In 95 patients (44 women and 51 men, aged 14 to 86 yrs., average 44.9 yrs.) the serum levels of prolactin, cortisol and uric acid were investigated 30, 60 and 120 min after seizure-like events. There were 53 fits of epileptic aetiology (EE), mainly tonic-clonic, and 42 attacks of non-epileptic aetiology (NEE). The uric acid of the epileptic patients 30 min(More)
This paper presents a model to evaluate the impact of substrate noise on a CMOS regenerative comparator and on a flash A/D converter. The proposed approach initially relates substrate noise with the induced timing uncertainty of the comparator. Subsequently, the obtained expression for the timing uncertainty is used to derive a generalized expression for(More)
This paper presents an interpolation filter scheme for regenerative comparators to suppress the induced sampling distortion resulting from the input-dependent timing error of the comparator's sampling switches and furthermore alleviates the impact of random noise coupled from the substrate. The proposed scheme is based on the concept of charge-domain(More)
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