Athanasios Pseftogas

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CYLD is a tumor suppressor that has been linked to the development of various human malignancies, including colon cancer. The tumor-suppressing function of CYLD is associated with its deubiquitinating activity, which maps to the carboxyl-terminal region of the protein. In the present study we evaluated the role of intestinal epithelial CYLD in(More)
Several studies have implicated the downregulation of the tumor suppressor Cyld expression in breast cancer development. However, the mechanisms that regulate Cyld expression in mammary epithelial cells are largely unknown. In order to investigate them, a bioinformatic analysis of the promoter region of Cyld was performed and identified putative nuclear(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM The cylindromatosis tumor suppressor (CYLD) has been implicated in the inhibition of human breast cancer development by virtue of the poor prognosis of patients with down-regulated CYLD expression. In order to investigate the mechanism of breast cancer suppression by CYLD, in the present study, cellular and molecular aspects of CYLD-dependent(More)
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