Athanasios Milousis

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This study investigated the serum levels of resistin, adiponectin and leptin during the physiological menstrual cycle. Sixteen women (age: 19-30 years; body mass index: 19.46-24.9) with regular menstrual cycles participated. Fasting blood samples were collected on alternate days throughout a full menstrual cycle. Mean resistin concentrations were slightly(More)
Colorectal cancer is a major cause of cancer death in European countries and differences in screening implementation may in part explain USA vs European survival differences. Despite the evidence, no study has evaluated the population colorectal cancer screening (CCS) coverage in any European country. We aimed to index the current CCS practices among a(More)
The recently identified gastric hormone ghrelin was initially described as a natural Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor ligand. Apart from ghrelin's first discovered action, which was the stimulation of Growth Hormone release, implications for many other functions have been reported. It seems that ghrelin exhibits an important role in conditions related(More)
BACKGROUND Adjustment for stage at diagnosis markedly reduces USA versus European colorectal cancer survival differences and a screening bias was therefore suspected. Moreover, little is known about colorectal cancer screening habits in European primary care and the history of guidelines implementation. The purpose of the study was to index the overall(More)
Continuous high glycemic load and inactivity challenge glucose homeostasis and fat oxidation. Hyperglycemia and high intramuscular glucose levels mediate insulin resistance, a precursor state of type 2 diabetes. The aim was to investigate whether a carbohydrate (CHO)-reduced diet combined with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) enhances the beneficial(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY The aim of this study was to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of aortic arch calcification for detection of severe coronary atherosclerosis in patients suffering from coronary artery disease (CAD), with or without type 2 diabetes. PATIENTS AND METHODS This study included 107 type 2 diabetic patients (68 men) with a mean age of(More)
BACKGROUND Public health authorities worldwide discourage the use of chest radiography as a screening modality, as the diagnostic performance of chest radiography does not justify its application for screening and may even be harmful, since people with false positive results may experience anxiety and concern. Despite the accumulated evidence, various(More)
OBJECTIVES Insulin resistance and central obesity have been implicated in the pathogenesis of hypoadiponectinemia in obesity. The aim of this study is to evaluate circulating post-prandial adiponectin in relation to glucose and insulin metabolism, indexes of insulin resistance and sensitivity and, indexes of body fat accumulation and distribution in obese(More)
AIM Differences in fat accumulation and distribution might be responsible for the greater insulin resistance (IR) in type 2 diabetes. The study aims at examining the relationship between fat accumulation and distribution, and insulin secretion and action, by multilevel methodological approach. METHODS Thirty-three diabetic men (D), and 28 sex, age and(More)
Tumour markers are neither sensitive nor specific enough for cancer screening. Despite established guidelines, tumour marker 'screening myth' may be alive among physicians, but no study has analysed the phenomenon. This study aims to investigate tumour marker recommendation for screening purposes in primary care setting. A total of 209 Hellenic physicians(More)
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