Athanasios Karantjias

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It is acknowledged that the latest stable XML technologies, standards and specifications may build real interoperable and secure enterprise privacy-aware implementations. However, existing implementations do not address the users’ need to easily handle their identifiers and credentials while providing pluggable modules for interconnecting their pre-existing(More)
Public key infrastructures (PKIs) is recommended as the most appropriate solutions for achieving secure mobile services. This paper identifies the need for security in mobile communications and investigates the use of lightweight protocols such as the XML Key Management (XKMS) protocol for accessing PKI services. Finally it presents a secure mobile(More)
Migration policy making and monitoring constitute critical issues for European countries, given the impact of modern phenomena such as illegal employment on economic growth and future prosperity. The dynamic and complex nature of migration problems demands common approaches and collaborative actions among all stakeholders both at National and European(More)
Existing research initiatives and migration-oriented automated tools and services fail to provide a complete, robust and widely available framework for collaborative development of a common pan-European migration policy and the harmonization of processes and civil status documents formats. Identifying these weaknesses and based on advanced open-source(More)