Athanasios G. Tsirukis

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Strong trends in chemical engineering and plant operation have made the control of processes increasingly difficult and have driven the process industry's demand for improved control techniques. Improved control leads to savings in resources, smaller downtimes, improved safety, and reduced pollution. Though the need for improved process control is clear,(More)
Manoel F. Tenorio Dept of Electrical Eng. Purdue University W. Lafayette, IN. 47907 A nonlinear neural framework, called the Generalized Hopfield network, is proposed, which is able to solve in a parallel distributed manner systems of nonlinear equations. The method is applied to the general nonlinear optimization problem. We demonstrate GHNs implementing(More)
Nonconvex mixed integer nonlinear programming problems arise quite frequently in engineering decision problems, in general, and in chemical process design synthesis and process scheduling applications, in particular. These problems are characterized by high dimensionality and multiple local optimal solutions. In this work, a novel approach is developed for(More)
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