Athanasios G Dessypris

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Nineteen untrained preadolescent males (11-13 years old) were randomly placed into an experimental trained group (STG, n = 9) and a control group (n = 10). Informed consent was obtained from the children and their parents. The STG was submitted to a 2-month resistance-training program (6 exercises, 3 x 10 repetitions maximum [RM], 3 times per week),(More)
The purpose of this study was two fold a) to determine the levels of hormonal parameters which are related to growth and sexual maturation (T, SHBG, FAI, GH) in 66 pre-pubertal and early-pubertal boys (11-13 years old) who systematically engage in individual and team sports activities of endurance, strength, speed and skill, respectively, and b) to(More)
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