Athanasios E. Papathanasiou

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During concurrent I/O workloads, sequential access to one I/O stream can be interrupted by accesses to other streams in the system. Frequent switching between multiple sequential I/O streams may severely affect I/O efficiency due to long disk seek and rotational delays of disk-based storage devices. Aggressive prefetching can improve the granularity of(More)
Data centers capable of providing Internet, application, database and network services are an increasingly important component of the world’s computing infrastructure. In 1995 there were 20,000 servers in the world. As of June 2001, that number had reached six million [5]. Most existing research on data center design has aimed to improve performance,(More)
We have discovered that processors can experience a super-linear increase in detected unrecoverable errors (DUE) when the write-back L2 cache is doubled in size. This paper explains how an increase in the cache tag's Architectural Vulnerability Factor or AVF caused such a super-linear increase in the DUE rate. AVF expresses the fraction of faults that(More)
Main memory reliability plays a crucial role in overall system reliability. Unfortunately, our collective understanding of the rate, pattern, and impact of memory errors is inadequate and can hinder our ability to innovate new fault-tolerant designs. This paper presents an in-depth study of observed corrected error data from the main memory system of a(More)
Although transactions have been a valuable abstraction of atomicity persistency and recoverability they have not been widely used in programming environments today mostly because of their high overheads that have been driven by the low performance of magnetic disks A major challenge in transaction based systems is to remove the magnetic disk from the(More)