Athanasios D Papageorgiou

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Evidence indicating that hybrid steroid compounds of anti-cancer agents produce reduced toxicity, significantly lower than the cytotoxic components alone, and increased anti-cancer activity has prompted the design and development of such steroids, mostly alkylating esters. We investigated the in-vitro and in-vivo activity of a homo-aza-steroidal alkylating(More)
The synthesis and the in vivo evaluation against leukemias P388 and L1210 of six new alkylating steroidal esters are described. The esteric derivatives incorporating the 17beta-acetamido-B-lactamic steroidal skeleton exhibited increased antileukemic activity and lower toxicity, compared to the 17beta-acetamido-7-keto analogs. Among the(More)
A series of aryl-acetic acids and hydroxamic acids possessing antioxidant/anti-inflammatory activities were tested for anticancer activity using different cancer cell lines. The compounds have low antitumor activity considering the 1/IC(50) values attained for the cell lines. Compound 5iv presents the best anticancer activity. Moreover, they depict the same(More)
This study was designed as a rational continuation of our research regarding the functional requirements essential for the antileukemic activity of compounds comprising an alkylating moiety and a modified steroid. The steroidal esteric derivatives of 4-methyl-3-N,N-bis(2-chloroethyl)amino benzoic acid were tested on leukemias P388 and L1210 in vivo and in(More)
Recent structure-antileukemic activity studies showed that the steroidal part of complex molecules containing DNA alkylators does not play only the role of the "biological carrier". New such compounds designed to possess an allylic 7-ketone showed enhanced antileukemic potency compared with derivatives with a simple steroidal skeleton. In order to(More)
Gamma-irradiation leads to apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in eukaryotic cells. Olomoucine is a novel purine analog acting as a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor. The effects of olomoucine in gamma-irradiation mediated cell growth inhibition and apoptosis were studied in the Raji cell line (Burkitt's lymphoma). Gamma-irradiation caused a G2 arrest,(More)
We have studied the effect of modification of the B-steroidal ring to lactamic on the anti-leukemic potency of D-modified and D-non-modified steroidal esters of chlorambucil's active metabolite. The compounds synthesized were studied against leukemias P388 and L1210 after the subsequent estimation of their toxicity in vivo, and for their ability to induce(More)
BACKGROUND NSC 290205 (A) is a hybrid synthetic antitumor ester, which combines a D-lactam derivative of androsterone and nitrogen mustard. In this study, the antitumor activity of A in combination with ADR (AHOP) was investigated in comparison with the standard CHOP regimen. MATERIALS AND METHODS PAN02 adenocarcinoma was used in this study. C57Bl mice(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of the present study was the investigation of antileukemic effect of amiodarone in leukemia P388 BDF1 bearing mice and its genotoxic and cytostatic effect in cultured normal human lymphocytes. METHODS Leukemia P388 was used in this study. BDF1 mice were used for chemotherapy evaluation in vivo. The antitumor activity was assessed by(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to design new potentially antineoplastic agents by combining nitrogen mustard with steroidal skeleton, in an effort to improve specificity and simultaneously to reduce systemic toxicity. The steroidal part is aimed to act as a biological platform enabling the alkylating moiety to approach its site of action by altering(More)