Athanasios D. Panagopoulos

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This article surveys the alternative fade mitigation techniques for satellite communication systems operating at Ku, Ka and V frequency bands. The specific phenomena influencing the propagation of radiowaves on Earth-space links are also overviewed. Emphasis is placed on modeling, experimental work carried out in the past, and practical implementations(More)
The present article carries out a review of MIMObased techniques that have been recently proposed for satellite communications. Due to the plethora of MIMO interpretations in terrestrial systems and the particularities of satellite communications, this review is built on two pillars, namely fixed satellite and mobile satellite. Special attention is given to(More)
The incorporation of cognitive radio techniques in satellite communications has recently become a significant research challenge leading to the proposal of a novel network infrastructure known as cognitive satellite terrestrial networks. However, efficient resource management mechanisms should be proposed to provide a complete system analysis for this(More)
While the Quality of Service (QoS) offered to users may be enhanced through innovative protocols and new technologies, future trends should take into account the efficiency of resource allocation and network/terminal cooperation as well. Game theory techniques have widely been applied to various engineering design problems in which the action of one(More)
This paper is not a survey related to generic wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which have been largely treated in a number of survey papers addressing more focused issues; rather, it specifically addresses architectural aspects related to WSNs in some way connected with a satellite link, a topic that presents challenging interworking aspects. The main(More)
This paper investigates the applicability of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology to satellite communications at the Ku-band and above. After introducing the possible diversity sources to form a MIMO matrix channel in a satellite environment, particular emphasis is put on satellite diversity. Two specific different topics from the field of MIMO(More)