Athanasios D. Marousis

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Multi-carrier CDMA and multiple antennas are very promising candidates for simultaneous use in 4G systems, since they achieve robustness, high spectral efficiency, and high data rates in rich scattering environments. Especially, in this work an efficient extended multiple transmit antenna scheme with M<sub>T</sub>=4 elements and full rate mode for a(More)
This paper describes a novel emergency communication network architecture implemented within the FP7 EU project E-SPONDER [1]. It is characterized by the deployment of heterogeneous wireless systems and also by its holistic approach achieving reliability, high performance, reconfigurability and standalone operation. It is a complete suite of real-time(More)
This paper presents results on the parameters of multipath components extracted from wideband measured Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) channel matrices. Experimental data were collected with wideband channel sounding measurements at 5.2 GHz in a microcell urban environment, under line of sight propagation conditions. The double directional and(More)
We extend our previous simulation study and we present experimental results regarding our Fast Fourier Transform method for the calculation of the resonance shifts in biosensors based on micro-ring resonators (MRRs). For the simulation study, we use a system model with a tunable laser at 850 nm, an MRR with 1.5∙10<sup>4</sup> quality factor, and a detection(More)
This paper presents the design and evaluation of a channel estimation scheme that is efficient by means of both the mean square error (MSE) of channel estimation/tracking and its incorporation in a real MIMO system. The evaluation has been performed over the spatial channel model developed for MIMO simulations according to 802.16e case of 3GPP.25.996,(More)
This paper considers an efficient channel estimator for multiple transmit and receive antennas in multicarrier CDMA systems, capable of operating in time variant and frequency selective propagation channels. Orthogonality has been applied in space-frequency dimension. The evaluation has been performed over spatial channel models developed for MIMO(More)
This paper presents a channel estimation scheme that is designed for time variant propagation channels and it is efficient by means of mean square error (MSE) of channel estimation and tracking and its incorporation in a real MIMO system. Such schemes target in demanding applications with minimum data rates well above the conventional standards under(More)
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