Athanasios Anastasiou

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Technological advances and societal changes in recent years have contributed to a shift in traditional care models and in the relationship between patients and their doctors/carers, with (in general) an increase in the patient-carer physical distance and corresponding changes in the modes of access to relevant care information by all groups. The objective(More)
Estimating the connectivity between magnetoencephalogram (MEG) signals provides an excellent opportunity to analyze whole brain functional integration across a spectrum of conditions from health to disease. For this purpose, spectral coherence has been used widely as an easy-to-interpret metric of signal coupling. However, a number of systematic effects may(More)
3D printing is about being able to print any object layer by layer. But if one questions this proposition, can one find any three-dimensional objects that can't be printed layer by layer? To banish any disbeliefs the authors walked together through the mathematics that prove 3d printing is feasible for any real life object. 3d printers create(More)
Ambient-assisted living (AAL) is currently one of the important research and development areas, where accessibility, usability, and learning play a major role and where future interfaces are an important concern for applied engineering. The general goal of AAL solutions is to apply ambient intelligence technology to enable people with specific demands,(More)
In our increasingly dislocated and mobile society, online social network sites are proving valuable in bridging distances and facilitating interaction and communication. People are spending a significant amount of time at the top social networking websites in order to manage existing relationships with friends, reconnect with old friends, share media and(More)
The present work examines the potential of the usage of smartphones in order to offer health services to elderly patients. The purpose of this work is the design, development, and implementation of a telemedicine application. This application aims to improve the monitoring mode and increase patient adherence to the instructions assigned by the medical(More)
Chronic diseases are the leading cause of mortality and morbidity. A significant contribution to the burden of chronic diseases is the concurrence of co-morbidities. Heart failure (HF) is a complex, chronic medical condition frequently associated with co-morbidities. The current care approach for HF patients with co-morbidities is neither capable to deliver(More)